The Integral map

For the last 20 years or so my main map has been Ken Wilber’s Integral system.
I orientate myself in my spiritual work by reference to these five elements:

Stages: how we see and interpret reality, accessing higher and higher truths
States: transcending our own consciousness more and more
Standpoints: appreciating perspectives, especially first, second, third person viewpoints
Shadow: recognising our woundedness and seeking the healing necessary
Steps: liberating practices that awaken compassion for all

Ken Wilber’s work is often dense and technical, and, while very enjoyable and inspiring for Wilber nerds like me, not necessarily very accessible to most people…

I’ve found Paul R Smith’s book ‘Integral Christianity’ a delightful, insightful and accessible description of the Christian tradition in Integral terms. It could very well serve as an intro to Integral theory for someone who is at least sympathetic to Christianity. The five elements named above I have borrowed from Paul’s work.


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