My latest book, The Words on my Face: poems to help you open to God in the silence, is now out on Amazon.           £5.05

What happens if you sit in the silence and open to God? This book is a selection of poems about what happened to me when I did just that over a prolonged period of time.

Whichever spiritual tradition – or none – in which you find a home, there is much here to stimulate you, encourage you, support you, and make you smile.

What is of ultimate concern to us? Find glimpses of insight into this question in these warm, generous and loving accounts of what can happen if we enter into deeper meditative states.

Here are some poems from the book.

Now available on Amazon:
three poetry books
a how-to guide on writing poems
an account of a personal pilgrimage

The poetry books

For six years or so, from May 2010, I wrote poems regularly (about 100 per year) as a way to express and communicate aspects of the spiritual life. I didn’t seek to do this – in fact I was very reluctant at first, but it seemed to be required of me, and so I entered into that practice as best I could.
I would sit in meditation and from within that space, if an important insight or topic came, I would enable a poem to shape up within my mind, and then write it down when it was formed.
Thus these poems are an attempt to reflect insight in words, but words that come into form as near the actual experience as possible.
They are not therefore ‘literary’ poems.
They also reflect different depths of being: some are humorous, some are psychological, some are about healing, some are my attempts to communicate those moments of spiritual connection which are so nearly impossible to describe.

Because I became fascinated by this unusual process, I then also wrote a ‘how-to guide’ to enable people to write their own poems in this way (see below). This ‘how-to guide’ was itself written in a similar way to the poems: a period of intense meditation about the subject matter of the book and then a pretty complete first draft written out in about 3 months.

‘The Commitment of the Lark’

81HoN30km-L(107 poems, 156pp).  £3.99.
Available as an e-book £1.99.

Written from a space of meditation, these poems are an invitation to you to look more deeply. How do we grow and transform? How can we love more fully?  Sometimes the poems evoke those times we glimpse partial answers that can make us smile. Sometimes these glimpses can help us to become more deeply appreciative of what we are offered in this moment, and those that are to come…

Target Practice – poems 2

Available on Amazon  £4.99
or as an e-book  £1.99.  

The poems in Target Practice are travellers’ tales from a spiritual journey. They contain insights, tips on how to travel safely, and on dangers to avoid. They emerge in and through meditation, and the clarity that can come as part of that. Some are like jokes, and should make you laugh, or at least smile. Target practice is like a guidebook for your journey into your unknown future.

For a preview of some of the poems in the book click here.

How to write poems from a deeper place:
meditation, poetry and inner work

A comprehensive guide to writing your own poems from a place of meditation and clarity

Available on Amazon  (186 pp, £5.95)
or as an e-book (£2.00)


Riding into the Storm: returning to face childhood loss and bereavement.

Riding Into The Storm KindleAs a child I lost my beloved father twice over: first when he became paralysed following an accident at work, and finally three years later when he died.

As an adult I worked to come to terms with my grief. As a therapist I also worked with others who were grieving. I thought I knew the territory well, but in time I came to feel that the task of finding meaning and understanding might never be finished.

So as an older man I undertook a journey by bike across northern England, a modern day pilgrimage, visiting places linked to my childhood, in order to see what more I could learn about the nature of grief and healing in the face of childhood loss.
The journey starts in a gale, but it is in returning to face the feelings which have stayed with me from childhood that I encounter the real storm.
To what degree can I find resolution, peace, and reconciliation?

Join me on the journey to find out.

Click here for some pictures from that journey.

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