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What might happen in a guidance session?

Our starting assumption is that our work together will be aiming to bring you into a closer relationship with Love, with your True Self, with God, with Ultimate Reality…

These are the basic questions:
– Where are you now in your spiritual life?
– Where are you heading, or, what is required of you next?
– What’s the best way of implementing that?

And beyond those questions we may look at more detailed issues like these:

Do you have a clear sense of your spiritual strengths?
What are your current spiritual practices, and how are they working for you?
What would you say are some of the barriers to your further spiritual development?
What work have you already done to heal some of the shadow issues in your life?
What is the framework you currently use to understand your spiritual direction?
How can you and I best work together to help bring you to greater clarity?
Do you have experience of learning within a spiritual tradition, and if so, how has that been for you?
Is it time to stabilise and strengthen where you are? Or is it time to change and move on? (And how can we work to help you discern what is the ‘right’ choice here?)

Interested? Potentially interested? What to do next…

Stage 1. Spend a period of time thinking about your spiritual life and where you are at. Then, if it still feels right, draft an email to me explaining your situation and how you would like to move forward. But don’t send it…
Instead wait a couple of days at least. Then reread it and decide whether or not to send it. If you decide ‘yes’, then send it.

Stage 2. After I have considered your message I will respond. We will then have a correspondence to make sure we are starting to understand each other and to work out whether we have the potential to do useful work together. If so, we go on to the next stage. (And if not, then we don’t go on…)

Stage 3. We meet up via Skype or similar. This is a free session. We start to explore in more detail the particular circumstances of your spiritual life, what I can offer to you, and the level of commitment you would bring. We will start to identify the work that we would do together. This single session in itself is likely to be productive for you.

Stage 4. We both spend some time reflecting upon this session. Perhaps it becomes clear to one or both of us that the guidance relationship will not work, in which case we leave it at that.

If there is a response from us both in favour of continuing I will send you a proposal about the arrangements: our aims for you, financial matters, length of the initial agreement, how we will review progress.

Stage 5. You then contemplate the proposed agreement and, over a period of time, decide whether it is right or not to accept. If ‘yes’ we start. If not, we don’t.

If you decide to send me an email, here is the address:

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