Inner Journey

100_2957Sometimes I talk about ‘inner journey’, sometimes about ‘spiritual journey’ sometimes just ‘continuing development.’ The phrases are not as important as the area, the territory, they refer to. Another way to refer to this area is to say it is the answer to the question ‘What is of utmost importance to you?’

Writing poetry and books to support this journey is a great privilege, and a great challenge.

If you are committed to your journey, to your path, and you’d like support from someone who is equally committed, then consider reading more of my poetry and books.

Want to find out more about my own journey and practice? See below.

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My own path

I have been on an inner journey all my adult life. For the last 15 years or so my main map has been Ken Wilber’s Integral system. My recent practice has included 12 years with a Buddhist mindfulness tradition, and 5 years attending Quaker meetings for worship. Within Quakerism I have found ‘Experiment with Light’ particularly useful. 100_2741
I have appreciated many insights from the Tibetan tradition that my wife practices in. I love the familiarity of the Anglican Christianity of my childhood and interpret some of my current experience as a mystical connection with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I worked for 12 years as a psychotherapist (focusing on energy, movement and visualisation as well as verbal expression and communication). I was involved in Rites of Passage and other men’s events and continue to ponder on the nature of masculine and feminine approaches to spiritual development. I’ve had atheist and agnostic phases, and experienced sweat lodges and neo-pagan ritual.  I’ve always liked being an all-rounder rather than a specialist. The Integral map helps me understand the connections between all these elements and to translate between the various specialist vocabularies they tend to use.

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