Spiritual Life: Guidance

100_2957I work with other people to help them develop their spiritual life.
I love the spiritual life, in all its aspects: I’m almost obsessed…
And I love mulling it over with people and helping them access greater clarity on what their spiritual life requires of them.

Guidance for your spiritual life?
If you feel like your spiritual life would benefit from some support then please get in touch with me and we can discuss the possibility. Some people call this ‘spiritual direction’ or ‘spiritual accompaniment’ though I think of what I do as Guidance for your spiritual life.

My guidance work with you aims to:
bring you closer to direct experience of God,
or (in other words…) Ultimate Reality, or that which is Holy, or Form and Emptiness, or the mystical truth of all, or…

Our work together is likely to be most powerful and effective if you already have an established spiritual life, but have questions. Perhaps you seem to have reached an impasse; or perhaps you are struggling to continue practising. Perhaps you have experiences you can’t quite understand. Or perhaps you are part of a tradition but feel increasingly distant from it…

I mostly work on the basis of a meeting about once a month over a Skype link (unless you live nearby). There will be a ££ fee for this (roughly comparable with therapy rates), apart from the first, free, exploratory session. Usually we will agree a 3 or 6 month arrangement and then review progress.

Basic questions
Broadly speaking we’ll be looking at these questions:
– Where are you now in your spiritual life?
– Where are you heading, or, what is required of you next?
– What’s the best way of implementing that?

Curious? Potentially interested?
Find out more, and what to do next here on the guidance details page.

My experience
I have much experience of meditation, of mindfulness, Buddhist practice, Quaker practice, Christian insight and worship, and more… Want to find out more about my own journey and practice? See here.

For the last 20 years or so my main map of understanding has been Ken Wilber’s Integral system.
I orientate myself in my spiritual work with self and with others by reference to this map. In my work it’s mostly operating in the background and you won’t necessarily need to know anything about it. But if you are interested there are more details here.

Inspiration, Dedication, Gratitude
The inspiration for my guidance work with people is linked to the story of my mother. If you want to read more, you can find it here.

Feedback from others
Want to find out what some people who know me think of my work? Click here.

If you want to comment, ask questions or be in touch,
email me at: pete.armstrong52@gmail.com

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