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Riding into the Storm: returning to face childhood loss and bereavement.

Riding Into The Storm KindleAs a child Pete Armstrong lost his beloved father twice over: first when his father became paralysed following an accident at work, and finally three years later when his father died.

As an adult he worked to come to terms with his own grief. As a therapist he also worked with others who were grieving. He thought he knew the territory well, but in time he came to feel that the task of finding meaning and understanding might never be finished.

So as an older man he undertook a journey by bike across northern England, a modern day pilgrimage, visiting places linked to his childhood, in order to see what more he could learn about the nature of grief and healing in the face of childhood loss.
The journey starts in a gale, but it is in returning to face the feelings which have stayed with him from childhood that he encounters the real storm.
To what degree can he find resolution, peace, and reconciliation?

Join him on the journey to find out.

Click here for some pictures from that journey.


Target Practice – holybloke poems 2 

Now available on Amazon as a paperback (£4.99) or as an e-book for your Kindle (or computer) £1.99.  

The poems in Target Practice are travellers’ tales from an inner journey. They contain insights, tips on how to travel safely, and on dangers to avoid. They emerge in and through meditation, and the clarity that can come as part of that.Some are like jokes, and should make you laugh, or at least smile. Target practice is like a guidebook for your journey into your unknown future.

For a preview of some of the poems in the book click here.

The first holybloke book of poems:
‘The Commitment of the Lark’

81HoN30km-L(107 poems, 156pp) (click the title or on the image to go to the Amazon page)  Priced now at £3.99.
Also now available to download to your Kindle or computer for £1.99.

Written from a space of meditation, these poems are an invitation to look more deeply. How do we grow and transform? How can we love more fully?  Sometimes we glimpse partial answers that can make us smile. Sometimes these glimpses can help us to become more deeply appreciative of what we are offered in this moment, and this, and this…

Coming Soon… Due in 2017

How to write poems from a deeper place: meditation, poetry and inner work


A comprehensive guide to writing your own poems from a place of meditation and clarity






Fifty-fifty: an inner journey through the Lake District100_3195

An enlivening account of a three day walk, north to south, through the Lake District, and the inner journey that accompanied it.
An exploration of what it means to be a young man, what it’s like to be a family man, and what it means to grow into an older man.
How is our life journey to be represented in a way that makes sense to us?
Join Pete Armstrong on this pilgrimage into the footsore territory of growing older mindfully.


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