It, you, I: beneath the surface of the pond

It is a shiny dark shape emerging above the surface of the pond.
It is a creature of the depths
gifting itself to us on this day.
It waits, silky, svelte, developed for swimming,
looking at us, smiling, happy.

You wait till I summon the nerve to speak.
Your benevolence is palpable, and I find I can breathe.
‘What can we do together?’ I ask.
‘We can swim beneath the surface,’ you say.

I leave everything behind, and enter the depths with you.
I am in a misty swirling whirld of bubbles and movement
that extends for ever.

My shiny dark head emerges above the surface of the pond.
I look round, smiling, happy.
Who else is ready to enter here?



The process of our transformation is mysterious – we have to approach the unknown with courage and enter it on trust. Then who knows how we may emerge?
For Wilber followers, you may enjoy the form of this poem as a description of a movement from third person, to second, to first.

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