In praise of ruts

I’m never lost when I’m in a rut: I know I’m in a rut.
No worries about where to go: I follow the rut.
No guilt about the past: I was just following the rut.

I can see the blue sky from here as well as anywhere.
I can see the fields, and the woods, and the farms.
I don’t need to wander round them to know they’re there.

I like sandy ruts with their soft collapsing sides
and muddy ruts with their pools of water and squelches.
I like hard-dried summer ruts and frozen winter ones.
There’s no shortage of variety in a rut.

Many wheels have been here before me to make this rut
and I’m grateful for their work which keeps me on track.

I think the value of getting out of a rut is over-stated.
I’m perfectly happy trundling along, thank you.

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