Do you think I want your fear?

Do you think I want your fear?
No thanks! I have enough of my own.
So why do you ignore your fear
and let it leak out all over the place
affecting me and all these other people?
You don’t know you’re doing that?
Well yes, that’s pretty obvious to me if not to you.

How do you handle your fear?
Listen, welcome your fear and it will transform.
Ignore it and where do you think it goes?
Some of it goes into your body and makes you ill.
Some of it goes into the world;
and some of it goes into me
where it twists my guts and makes me writhe.
It’s not mine, you see: it’s not my fear
and I don’t know how to handle it.

Welcome your fear and it will transform.
And I don’t mean the object of your fear:
your neighbour, or spiders, or change,
or whatever else your fear is attached to.
That is irrelevant.
I mean your fear itself.
Welcome it bit by bit.
It is a part of you.
It is your energy and it will transform.

You are fearless, are you? I don’t think so.
There are not so many enlightened souls.
But there are many people who have convinced themselves
with enormous effort and skill
that it is out in the world
and not in themselves that their fear resides.
Your fear leaks into us all
for we are not separate from you.
I can handle my own fear but not yours.

We all leak fear.
I apologise for my own leakage.

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