Beyond breast-shaped


You can suck at her nipple as hard as you like
but at a certain point the sweetness runs dry.
It’s time to grow up a little and move on.
There is a world out there
that is beyond breast-shaped.

You can find many places to play, and at each
you can suck in sweet air through your nostrils
and give it back with a gladsome smile.

The world with its myriad forms suckles you
but the sweetness of all will run dry one day.
Then is the time to grow up a little more
and move on beyond world-shaped
to a new place to play.


How easily do we move on to the next stage that waits for us? Are we sated with what we have had, or are we clingy with unsatisfied wants? Whichever it is, the world and life have their own requirements, and our personal preferences may be insignificant in the face of them.

So what will the next stage bring and can we remain equable whilst facing the unknown? There may be more fun than we think…

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