Ah my beloved, let me sleep

Ah my beloved, let me sleep
stop prodding me with your smile.
I am trying to hold on to unconsciousness
but your quiet ‘wake up, wake up’
is loosening the grip of my drifting comfort.

Let me sleepwalk through my day
let me sleepwalk through my life
leave me alone with my pleasant meanderings.

If you truly loved me
you would leave me be
you would respect my space
you would let me succumb to slumber if I chose.

The clarity and brightness of your eyes
hurts mine.
I refuse to look.
I close my eyes on you.

Where is your compassion that you
police and poke me so
with your insistent ‘wake up, wake up’?
Let me sleep on, let me sleep on.



Waking up is often hard. Being present and mindful can be difficult. Finding God within requires a certain effort. The culture around us combines with our old habits to seduce us into drowsiness… life passes by. We know what we should do but it’s easier to drift. We may not be grateful to those who would help us. If we would help someone else we should not look for immediate gratitude. True compassion does not necessarily agree with what people say they want.

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