And from this blissful meeting

Pilgrims walking the pilgrim route
we reach a Holy Well along the way
and see the clear water
welling up into the pool.
‘We have travelled far to meet you,’ we say.

‘And I have come far to meet you’ says the water
‘travelling slowly for many years
filtering through the darkness underground
purifying myself, clarifying myself.’

‘Now you can take me into you
and I will take you into me
and from this blissful meeting
what miracle will not come forth?’

And so we drank of the pure cold water
and took it into our bodies
and then we took off our clothes
and immersed our naked bodies in the water
springing from the ground into the pool.

And the sharpness removed our breath
and the cold took away our thoughts
and all that remained was purity and clarity
and into that liberated space
the grace of God poured infinite blessing.


At the Holy Well in Holywell in North Wales the spring is channelled into a small pool. You can get changed in a little tent and then immerse yourself in the intensity of cold, cold water, as pilgrims from an older age once did. What was that like for them? What is that like for you?

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