A giant leap

I sat in the sun one time
and felt a fly land on my bare arm
but when I looked to brush it off
I saw that it was a grasshopper.

He walked up my arm
tickling me with his progress
and then settled down by my knuckles.

I admired his grey-green suit
his insect eyes and the fragility
of his long bent back legs.

He made that chirruping grasshopper sound
but I couldn’t see that it came
from rubbing his legs together.

We both hung out in the sun.
I read papers for a meeting
but I couldn’t make any notes because
there was a grasshopper on my knuckles.

When I had to leave for the meeting
I put my hand down by the ground
and he suddenly sprang from my hand
towards the middle of the lawn.

I lost sight of him in the blur
but his fragility and power
his giant leap into the unknown
are still with me saying:

Come on, it’s not so difficult;
it’s only fear or habit that roots you to the spot.
The next jump to freedom
is always into the unknown.

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