The gathering

Go into the orchard and gather the ripe apples and pears
that lie red and bruised beneath the trees.
Go into the lanes and gather the blackberries
that nestle shining and plump amongst the thorns.
Go into the wind and sun and gather the freshness
that streams so freely in the world.
Go into your being and gather the love
that bubbles and pools so generously there.

Mix them all together with the oats and flour and oil;
bake them in a crumble
and serve to those who are gathered round the table.

They will find themselves partaking of a dish so delicious
that this particular gathering
will never be able to forget itself.



Again, written at Aberdaron. Autumn fruits gathered and baked with love by Rowan, Susie, and Charlotte. ‘Gathering’ in the penultimate line also contains the sense of a ‘gathered meeting’ as the Quakers say – that is, a group of people who have settled down into a deeper connection with each other, and through that, with God, or that of God, or the ultimate. So, three meanings in one word, blessed trinity….


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