Building anew in the traditional way

See here!
They are starting to build a barn in the traditional way.
The workers are crouched on the ground round the template
with the beams laid out underneath.
They are working out how each beam will fit
and marking where they will need to be cut
and where the joints will be and where the pegs.

The gaffer is in charge. He has the plans.
He keeps the workers on track.

In a few months’ time when all the parts
are painstakingly shaped and assembled
they will be fitted together.
The new barn will be raised
in a flurry of concentrated activity.

So what is the next stage in your life and how will you get there?
Have you made your detailed plans or are you still just dreaming?
Do you think it will happen spontaneously, by magic?
Do you think you can just move in tomorrow?

Maybe you have already begun assembling what you need
shaping with love and care the new parts of your life;
maybe generous friends are helping, or giving you material.

At the right time, if your gaffer is good
you can make it all come together in the right way.
And then your hard work can be celebrated in this new life
which provides shelter, and space
and a place where you can start your dreaming again.




From work at Felin Uchaf, a wonderful project near Aberdaron.
So what’s the next stage in your life and how will you go about it?
Dreaming: good. Putting dreams into action: also good, but much much harder!
Felin Uchaf is a great example of both!

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