Massive Truth or Big Lie

I have seen massive cruck beams
recently shaped and erected inside a large hall
that have split and twisted in the dry air inside.

We need to be careful about what we regard as solid.
Thought-structures emerge from the current building style
and have a temporary life in the end.

Our Big Buildings may turn out to be Follies
the Big Lie may be a mere misperception
and The Truth may be just one step on a long journey.

Perhaps if we keep chipping away at our assumptions
we may be lucky and end up with enough shaped timber
to make a sweet shack in the woods.
Or we may be fortunate enough to end up with emptiness.
Either way we will have enough chippings
to feed a fire that keeps us warm all night.


I spent a day in a small town with an arts centre where these disparate elements were present and came together for me in this poem. As often, I enjoy the connections between the inner and the outer, and here I became aware of just how massive thought-structures may appear to be. But that doesn’t mean they can’t become twisted and disfunctional over time. How long do we allow them still to dominate our lives? Sometimes we can spot an opportunity to take a different path, and work away, and enjoy the unique results.

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