You can’t hold on to them, they go bad

Eat food, pass it through.
Make blood, keep it circulating.
Breathe air in, breathe it out.

You can’t hold on to them, they go bad.

Feel love, pass it on.
Generate insight, share it.
Notice everything changes, welcome it.

You can’t hold on to them, they go bad.


I like Ken Wilber’s insight which goes something like this: ‘So here’s the deal: if you are granted insight, or glimpses of the truth, then you have to share them with other people. Otherwise you get sicker than a dog.’
So here’s my insight on this matter, and here I am sharing it with you… I’m very keen to avoid going bad (any more than I have already).



A teaching: to what might we be blind?

I shared a car-park with some twitchers once.
Under a huge dome of sky
the flat expanse of the bay stretched before us.
Lakeland fells were visible in the far distance.
On the salt marshes in front countless different birds
wandered and grazed and led their lives.

One of the twitchers, with his big lenses
returned from a walk along the embankment.
‘Did you see anything?’ his friend called.
‘No,’ he shouted back his voice full of disgust and scorn
‘absolutely nothing.’



They made me smile – at much at myself, as them. We’re all like this to one degree or another. What am I missing? What are you missing? A great twitcher teaching…


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