There is no smile that is not a passing smile

I have often seen the beauty of my friends
and enjoyed the perfection
of the path we shaped together.

And I have often seen the humdrum rolling in
and the perfect path we shaped
crumbling beneath our feet.

There is no path that can stay pure
and no friends who will not part
and no disappointment that will not return
and no smile that is not a passing smile.

And there is no moment that does not offer itself
for the possibility of renewal
again and again and again.


Getting together with a bunch of other folk and doing something, creating something, changing something – that can be really satisfying and exhilerating. I’m grateful for all those times when I’ve been part of that kind of creativity. But if I’m honest, I can’t recall a single example where I haven’t at some point also felt let down, irritated or full of grief over what happens sooner or later: change. Well I clearly need to work on my responses. After all, change is inevitable. The Buddhist term is impermanence.
What do I expect? Well at some level apparently a rose garden that lasts for ever!
But impermanence also provides us with infinite opportunities to start again… can we see that? …can we act?


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