A figure appeared in my life and told me to stop.
Normally I send him on his way
but this time I gave him space and egged him on.
‘Tell me what to stop,’ I said, ‘go on.’

‘Stop meditating,’ he said, ‘and stop writing so-called poems.
Stop associating with people who aren’t normal.
Stop going for walks: it’s dangerous, you might fall.
Stop working on your house, and get professionals in.
Stop planting trees, there’s enough already.’

‘Tell me more.’ I said, ‘This is really good. What else?’

‘Stop trying to work things out, just accept the normal explanations.
Stop trying to think for yourself, it’s foolish.
Stop walking, cycling and running, and just get in a car.’

He went on and on rampaging through my life
identifying most everything I do and telling me to stop.

‘Anything I should carry on with?’ I asked in the end.

‘Yes,’ he said, ‘you should go to work more
but only do what you are told.
And when you come home you should just watch TV.’

We had such fun together.

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