I met a traveller stirring something loose

I met a traveller, dreadlocks and all
sitting by a campfire while he stirred
something dry and loose in a bowl
which I assumed was his dope.

He told me I was better than him
at connecting with the tightness of the world
but he was better than me
at connecting with the looseness of the world
and that if I wanted to connect with all
then I needed to connect with both.

I asked him how I could do that.

‘I can’t say what works for you.
What works for me is this:
my woman is half-naked somewhere down the road
but I’m cool with that.
In the summer I live with the sun
in the winter I hole up somewhere
and let the darkness do its job on me.’

It also turned out we both thought
a bit of money in the bank was helpful.


This poem is a fairly straight account of a dream. Most dreams don’t usually bear repeating to others (though they can have great personal resonance) but I liked the wisdom in this one, and thought the ending was pretty witty.
I think it’s quite Zen/Mindell/Integral. Integrate your inner hippie, and your inner business dude, if you want to move beyond your normal restrictions and boundaries. O, and some money is helpful: the middle way. Too much or too little may cause problems unless you’re really sorted… 

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