And what does love require of you?

Consider if love needs to be given fresh-picked:
a sprig of parsley, or a sweet pea, fragrant and blue.

Consider if love needs to be given well-cooked:
grains of rice, or potatoes, solid and sustaining.

Consider how long to cook:
too short a time and it will be indigestible;
too long a time and your love will be mush.

Consider yourself as an artist in timing:
only close attention to the requirements of the moment
will let you serve up the perfect love.


From the question that Quakers ask themselves, and which arose once in a meeting that I attend locally at Calf Cop in Low Bentham.
We may respond initially by thinking of what actions in the world are asked of us. But I am interested also in contemplating how we might best manifest love itself, in all its (our) possible qualities. What in the world can provide us with examples, and just how skilful can we become?


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