How far would you look?


And if you knew that behind your greatest fear
lay your greatest gift…
would you search there?
would you look? would you?

How afraid are you of dying?
Behind your fear, you know it’s going to happen.
Could you accept what lies behind that fear? Really?
Wouldn’t that be the greatest gift –
to get beyond that fear, to live beyond that fear?
Would you not then be truly alive?

How afraid are you of being a Buddha, an awakened one?
Behind your fear, you know you are already, we all are already.
If you went beyond your fear
could you not bring great gifts to the world?
Would not love and compassion stream from you?

How afraid are you of being God, of being all-that-is?
If you could get beyond your fear,
beyond your little concerns, your little contracted self,
if you could dissolve the membranes around you,
would you not then realise
what you already know:
it is not possible to be separate from God

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