If you want to show up in each moment,
if you want to shine,
then come with all you have available.

Remember to bring your ancestors with you:
they gave you all you have,
they live on through you,
they remind you that you are not alone;

bring your loving connections
with everyone you know, and all you know,
for if you cut yourself off from them,
you are the less for it;

come tremulous with all that might be,
for who knows what the moment might require.

And remember that, to the extent you have your shadow
locked down in the dungeons of your being,
to that extent is your light and beauty dimmed;

you are paying the gaolers full-time (and you are the gaolers);
your gaoler’s job is de-meaning, and diminishing;
it’s hard to shine with a secret dungeon buried inside.

The fullness of the moment requires you
to appear with all that you have.
Show up with a liberator’s intent.

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