The message is benign, the message is harsh

Here, as I walk down the lower slopes,
my shadow walks before me;
we are joined at the sole.

Here, in the soft early morning sunshine,
the message is very benign:
it is all about love, it is only love.

If I wish to be part of all, I must love all;
if I wish to love all, I must love myself;
if I wish to love myself, I must love my shadow.

I must take my shadow lovingly in my arms,
apologise for my neglect and enmity,
and practice loving all that I do not love.

Up there, at the top, in the fierce icy winds,
the message is also very harsh:
the smallest failure to love divides me instantly
from all, from love – an unbridgeable gulf.

And so I walk on into the rest of the day,
with my gulf all around me, beginning to love it;
we are joined at the soul.

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