Love, work, and knowledge

To love on a honeymoon is easy.
But the crucial time to love is much later,
when the other one looks ugly,
and is pissed off with you,
and you’re exhausted by the wrestling.
To love then is life-changing,
to love then builds up your power to love.

You can become a super-lover
by working out against the resistance –
by manifesting love through their resistance, and yours.

To work whole-heartedly on a new project is easy:
you can be carried along by the wave of excitement.
But the crucial time to work whole-heartedly
is when work has lost its point,
and your work-mates have become gossipy cynics,
and you spend your time planning to get away.

In the work-gym of high resistance,
your heart can become more and more whole,
and the world can start to transform.

The prophet said, ‘work is love made visible’.
Maybe he also said,
‘love is very hard work, made subtle.’

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