A father’s prayer

And ah my beautiful children,
how much I love you,
and how deeply grateful I am
to have had this chance to be your father,
and to have loved you as I do.

And when I go, likely before you,
in one thing let us be sharply clear.

While, from time to time
you may mourn, and be sad,
it is my dearest wish, my guidance,
my prayer, and my will and testament,
that you continue
to make joy, and generate love,
and laugh, and play, and sing,
as we have oftentimes done together.

Do this for yourselves, and others,
or, if you like, do this in remembrance of me,
that I may look on and say:
I am their father, these are my children,
and they love life and all within it,
and in this, in them,
I am well pleased.

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