A moment of pattern and novelty

A moment of pattern and novelty

Yesterday I was a man who knew everything;
today I am a man who knows nothing.

Yesterday I sat in the coffee house among friends
today I am in the alien territory I thought I wanted.

I have only vague knowledge from a theoretical map,
a distant perspective on familiar landmarks left well behind,
and the faith that, in the past, I have gone into
other new territory, and come out alive.

Uninhabited territory has no people in it.
The dawn comes up on greyness I do not know.

I know that even if one day I return, there is no going back.
That which was familiar with friends will have shrunk,
that which I cannot communicate will have grown.

Each moment has pattern and novelty;
I have entered newness of my own volition,
but my volition has novelty patterned into it;
there is no option to not go on

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