The school gate is near enough, thank you

The school gate is near enough, thank you

At first you are glad when your mother holds your hand
and takes you into the classroom at school;
later on, the school gate is near enough, thank you;
at eighteen you prefer her not to sit in lectures with you,
no matter how much she would like to look after you there.

When you first move into the realms of intimacy with another,
your lively and familiar friends miss your presence,
but it would not work to invite them along:
their sense of humour would get in the way.
Sometimes it is necessary to shut the door on friends.

If you are ready to realise a larger freedom,
and a deeper connection with all that is,
you will find your thinking mind does not easily accept
the existence of a reality beyond itself;
but you have to leave your thinking behind for a time,
if you wish to practise the art of meditation.

A welcoming mother at the end of a hard day,
your friends’ jokes as a respite from intensity,
a rational review of what was realised:
on your return, all of these are worth appreciating,
not abandoning, however far you have been beyond.

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