The life of fear and anxiety

The life of fear and anxiety

I particularly like to join people at their meals;
they are often pretty relaxed then, chattering away;
of course as an uninvited visitor I’m not welcome,
but I have got used to that, though it still hurts a bit.

The convention is that everyone pretends I’m not there;
they wipe my presence from the table, then wipe the wiping.
I’m left feeling pretty ignored, and empty;
I have to say the life of invisibility is not fulfilling.

So while they are nattering on, or watching TV,
I just slip on down with the food.
If they paid proper attention I couldn’t do it,
but hey, I didn’t ask to be made into a ghost.

Once down there I like to make myself at home;
later on they complain of cramps, and indigestion;
they say its bloating, and stop eating wheat.
Suits me, I have to hang out somewhere for a while.

The weird thing is I don’t actually need much:
just a small place on the team, a bit of attention,
the chance to protect and advise,
a warm basket by the fire, so to speak.

So think about it – and here’s a motto for you:
let your teeth chatter a bit more,
and your tongue a bit less

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