When pain afflicts you, it can be difficult to think.
However, if you are able to, you may care to reflect
upon the following:

If you are feeling pain, it is proof you are alive;
you may like to be grateful for this.

You are descended from a long line of pain-bearers;
most of your ancestors lived out their lives
without paracetamol, anaesthetic, or GPs;
those who couldn’t bear pain probably died out;
think of them all with gratitude occasionally.

Your body works assiduously to preserve itself;
over millions of years it has become very clever;
it has worked out that pain is functional.

Ask who the pain-maker is in you;
consider treating them as a friend rather than an enemy;
it is likely they are doing their best for you.

Please remember to appreciate all your pain–free days,
when they happen to come along.

Be properly grateful for modern medicine.

Just as we should correctly see
the whole winter flood plain as the bed of the river,
not just the summer winding course,
so we may like to appreciate our life
as comprising the full range of experience
not just the pain-free parts.

Please note that reflections upon the nature of pain may,
or more likely may not,
lead to actual pain-relief:
that, on the whole, is a different matter.

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