Adding another dimension

Adding another dimension

It seemed to be the pine that opened my eyes and more.

I was looking down over Leighton Hall and Leighton Moss
with Morecambe Bay and Arnside Knott beyond,
and the Lakeland fells in the distance,
a view of beauty and delight.

Some little shift occurred within me,
and I saw the pine stand out from its smaller fellows,
and realised it stood in space.

Scales fell away from my eyes:
the scales of window panes and windscreens,
flat-screen TVs and photographs,
Turners and Constables,
and the tops of chocolate boxes.

The pine was in the world,
and I could walk around it.
The world was all around me,
and I could wander in it.

I walked back down the lane,
and practiced my revelation.
The trees remained in 3D,
emerging surreally from the earth.

I walked backwards for a while;
the world was still real behind me,
and I was still moving in it,
a joyous pilgrim of the pines.

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