Spiritual triangulation

Spiritual triangulation

If George Fox had met Thich Nhat Hanh
I like to think they might have got on well together.
Two radical spiritual teachers,
creating new perspectives on their long-established traditions
encouraging us all to look deeply within.

George, when alive, probably knew little or nothing
about the two thousand year old spiritual traditions,
half way round the globe,
with long histories of experience in contemplative practice.

Today we have access to that knowledge and those skills
in an extraordinary and unparalleled way.
We may find this can be supportive to us
in our enquiry into the nature of reality,
the nature of God,
and the nature of the spiritual life.

Thich Nhat Hanh speaks a lot of God,
and the kingdom of God available to us within, right now.
He says if we are not too attached to the words,
we don’t have to choose between different traditions,
we can have double belonging.

Double, or triple, belonging can help us
to see beyond the specific form of practice
and approach closer to the essence of what is.

Think of it as spiritual triangulation,
giving us more precision in our enquiry.

The practices are here, the teachers are here.
Ultimate reality is available.
Where are we?

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