Sometimes it’s very hard

Sometimes it’s very hard

There are some hard tasks in life.
I know a woman whose husband has died.

On New Year’s morning she has to go
into her young sons’ bedroom, and tell them.
That’s hard.

Fresh from the rawness of the news,
she is grieving so much herself;
now she has to look at her beautiful children,
innocent and unknowing,
and prepare to tell them something
she knows will break their hearts.
That’s hard.

She has to change their lives forever;
it has to be done;
all sorts of things have to be done now;
there’s no escape.
That’s hard.

Then she has to comfort them,
while they cry into their breakfast,
while her own heart is hurting.

And she is alone now,
no man to help her with the hard tasks.
He’s dead now, you see.

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