Running aground

Running aground

Sometimes, while sailing your beautiful boat,
you may run aground, and stick fast in the mud.

If you get angry and blame the mate,
the mate may get angry back and there will be an unpleasant situation.
Perhaps bad feeling was the reason you ran aground in the first place.

You need to work together to get the sails down,
so that the wind does not drive you further on to the mud.
Then you can try and push the boat off with poles.
Maybe this will work, maybe not.
Perhaps you will know the feeling of being stuck in the mud for a long time.

In these circumstances, choices await you.
You can decide to wreck the boat, in anger and recrimination.
You can pretend to stay there, but actually live ashore,
and return occasionally to see what is deteriorating from your neglect.
You can swap places with some others from boats that are stuck nearby.

Maybe you climb aboard a boat that is passing by, and sail off.
Usually, round the bend, as the sun sets, another mudbank awaits you.

As an alternative, you could enjoy the situation you are in.
Maybe there are some advantages to being stuck.
You can study and appreciate your situation.
You can catch up on essential maintenance.
You can have little tea parties with people from the other boats
You can create love and harmony aboard.

There can be great solidity to life lived on the mud.

One day, if you are alive to the possibilities,
you may notice that some small change in the wind,
together with a quiet alteration in the currents,
is creating an opening.

You can judiciously rock the boat.
If you keep on gently rocking the boat, the grip of the mud may ease.
You feel the boat slowly slipping off the mud.

Being afloat now requires your attention.

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