Put the camera down, little one

Put the camera down, little one

One time I tried to photograph the waves
crashing spectacularly on the rocks,
with blown spray and flung spume,
but the waves laughed at me, and said,

‘Put your camera down,
and open your shuttered heart;
let us pound in your veins,
let us rise you and fall you,
and swirl you around in all there is.’

And the wind that was whistling by
laughed as well, and said,
‘Point your camera at me, little one,
and see what you can capture digitally.

Take off your clothes instead,
and stand with your arms outspread;
open yourself up to me,
and I will blow clean through you;
there is nothing here that cannot be caressed.’

And the sun and the moon and the stars
that were hanging around smiled, and nodded.
‘Let us be your ancestors, little one,
and help you remember,
let your origins be elastic,
let us help you realise all that you are,
and this moment may be forever.’

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