No network

No network

As a mobile phone, searching for a network
in an area with no reception,
will run its battery down to zero,

so will we also exhaust ourselves
if we spend our time searching elsewhere for happiness.

We may have a friend, a man unhappy with his family situation.
We may see that he spends his time scanning
all the women he comes across looking for a better mate.
There are many women in the world to check out,
and he will soon find that he becomes exhausted.

We should know that our happiness is not contained
within the body of another person.
Nor beneath the wrappings of the next chocolate bar.
Nor even within the covers of the next wise book on spirituality.

If our unhappy friend learns to look within himself,
and love what he finds there,
he will discover the source of happiness.
If he cultivates his capacity to generate love,
he can beam out more love;
he can focus love on his unhappy woman,
and he will find that the situation transforms.

Our happiness can only be found in a place
that is not other than
the place of our unhappiness.

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