Armchair rules

Armchair rules

Are you sitting comfortably?
Then I’ll begin
by saying you need to get rid of your armchair.
It’s the most dangerous piece of furniture in your house.
The spiritual health and safety (meditation) executive
has comprehensively banned them,
but unfortunately some do linger on,
posing an appalling threat to your spiritual health.

You know perfectly well that spiritual development
only comes about through the three Ds:
discomfort, distress, and disorientation.

When they appear in your life (and they will)
it’s your job to welcome them,
and relish the opportunities they provide
to grow and develop, and to purify yourself.

If you would rather curl up in your armchair,
courting comfort, skulking under a duvet,
you know you are in big trouble.

You know the rules: the more you hide,
the more the big trouble tracks you down
and administers a developmental kicking.

It’s better to go out looking for trouble –
then you can meet trouble more on your terms,
and in your time.

So – make friends with a little discomfort,
lean a little into the heat of the fire,
play around the edge of where you’re at.
And recycle the armchair.

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