Recognising God

 If in the silence of the meeting
I open to the presence of God
then who knows how God will show up –
what are my recognition skills like?
I may find hints of God
in the silence and the peace,
but how about in the shuffling and coughing;
how about in the banging of doors
and the entrance of latecomers –
can I recognise God there?

And while I pursue God in the silence,
who is this angry woman who appears
barging into the building,
disturbing our peace,
complaining over the parking;
do I know what sort of cosmic jokes God likes?

 And if out of the silence a voice speaks
do I get lost in the words and my thoughts –
or might I hear original sound,
shaped in particular ways through a particular being
to create the miracle of mutual meaning;
do I hear voice as God?

 And if some words of the heart sutra bubble up
– form is emptiness, and emptiness is form –
to guide me and distract me,
and those thoughts come and then they pass,
like this moment and this meeting,
can I recognise the presence of God in that passing?

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