Love and devotion

 Just a few years after I stopped worshipping God,
I started worshipping you.
I saw only beauty, and felt only welcome.
It was not possible to hold back:
all my best was for you.
In devotion, love made itself.
I followed each stroke of the hairbrush,
and the way you tilted your head to receive it.
I studied the irregularity of your face
and the movement of your bare feet upon the earth.
Your wise insights and mendacity
were equally my book of learning.
Before discrimination, effortlessly,
all of you was perfection.
With the passing years I acquired judgement
and found you wanting.
My character and the tenor of the times combined:
I lost you and much besides.
My journey has been long enough, and hard enough,
for some redemption to occur.
Now I am mostly devoted to practice,
and I practice devotion as I am able.
Sometimes, beyond discrimination,
I softly come home to a place of joy.
May you realise the generosity of your offering
and may I bring gratitude to all that I do.
May we all generate love through devotion,
and may we worship where worship is due.

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