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Book news

Riding into the Storm: returning to face childhood loss and bereavement is now out! Find it here on Amazon as both a paperback and a Kindle download

My second book of poems – Target Practice is now available on Amazon as a paperback or as a Kindle download.


Coming later:

How to write poems from a deeper place: meditation, poetry and inner work.
More details here.

A reminder that you can read a year’s poems in the first holybloke book, ‘The Commitment of the Lark’  (£3.99) which is now also available as a Kindle download.



Following the success of our recent workshop ‘Pathways to Creativity’, Sita Brand of Settle Stories and I have another workshop date for October 2017. Check the Settle Stories website for details.



100_3188Obliterated poems

Please use my poems
as stepping stones on your journey.
Wear them down.
Tread them into dust and mud.
We all walk on the obliterated poems
of those who have gone before.




And finally, sometimes holybloke will manifest as unholybloke – because sometimes that’s just how it is.


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